The Bordatino

Storical notes

The Bordatino, first storical soup from Livorno was born aboard the ships that imported buckwheat. It is composed of a dense gruel that was prepared, often, in fish stock, rarely in meat stock. With the arrival of corn, from the grey flour of buckwheat they moved to the yellow flour and with the arrival of the beans, they started using the water from their cooking. Once on land, to enrich the flavours, they added a mix of vegetables and leaves from the Black Cabbage. From a "fisherman soup" it became a "farmer soup". Being a poor dish, everyone prepared it with what they had at the moment.


Doses for 4 people

100g yellow corn flour 200g Black Cabbage 1 onion 1 carrot Bean stock with some beans left in it 4 tablespoons of oil 1 tablespoon of tomato paste salt, pepper to taste.


Dice roughly the vegetables and cook them lightly with oil salt and the pepper. Add the black cabbage well cleaned and cut in strips and the tomato paste mixed with little water. When the cabbage will be flavoured, add the beans stock then, slowly, the flour. Cook it well, to taste. It is served not too hot and with the addition of oil when on the plate (better if Extra Virgin Olive oil)


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