Livorno and its history

Livorno (Leghorn) was born as a small village of seafarers and fishers, placed on the coast of Mar Ligure, in a natural bay, a short distance south of the mouth of river Arno and Pisa. The toponym was registered the first time in 904 as Livorna and most likely derives from a Roman first name of Etruscan origin (Liburnius, Leburnius, Leburna). Another hypothesis is that it derives from the latin word Liburna (a quick warship) or from the name of the Illyrian people, the Liburni. While the sister Tuscan cities Firenze, Lucca and Pisa are living times of great artistic, cultural and commercial liveliness, Livorno remains in the corners of history. The event that will change in a definitive and irreversible manner the destiny of the small village, is the progressive and natural filling of the only outlet Pisa harbour had with sand, phenomenon already known to the Etruscan and Romans. ...to know more.....


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