Ristorante il Merlo

Organic Pasta in Casciana Terme

At the Ristorante Il Merlo you can taste and savor the best Organic Pasta made in the area

Ristorante il Merlo has chosen the best local producers of Organic Pasta for it's typical dishes from the Tuscan tradition

A particular attention is reserved to the ingredients that must be excellent, given that a good dish starts with good ingredients.

The local producers of Organic Pasta that mirror this characteristic of quality and tradition are:

logo_floriddia.gif Organic farm Floriddia

Organic farm Floriddia Floriddia's farm is cultivating since 1987, with the biological method, ancient grains of different varieties: the stone mill and the pasta laboratory in the farm make possible the selection, milling, and turn into pasta the best spelt and einkorn, Etruscan wheat and other ancient varieties like the durum wheat "Senatore Cappelli".

logo_Morelli.gifOld Pasta Factory Morelli

The old pasta factory Morelli produces artisan pasta since 1860. A line dedicated to aromatic pasta in different flavours: red chilli, truffle, porcini mushroom, saffron, olive, lemon and pepper, garlic and basil, black squid ink. Another line dedicated to fresh egg pasta and a line dedicated to biologic pasta. The artisan techniques of old pasta factory Morelli enables to reinsert the wheat germ, still fresh, inside the semolina. For more information, visit the website: www.pastamorelli.it


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