PISA and its history

The origin of Pisa are still mysterious: the classical autors, from Plinio to Rutilio Namaziano, put the name of this city to be related to the Greek one of the same name in the Elide area, and believed that the founding was a Greek effort, specifically or King Pelope, or maybe of Epeo, builder of the Trojan horse, or maybe the companions of Nestore, refugees from the same city of Troy. Another tradition, that follows mostly from Catone and Servio, ties the origin of Pisa to the Focesi or the Teuti (teutanes) and posteriorly from the Etruscan. A third (that goes from Polibio to Livio) states that the original nucleus of Pisa was created by people from Liguria. The only certain informations are relative to the original position of the first city, close to the confluence of the outfall of the rivers and Auser (this one gone at this time) and to the fact that Pisa was busy trading with Greeks, Phoenicians and the Gauls before the first half of the VI century b.c. ....to know more...


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