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Typical Tuscan Products

Il Merlo Restaurant utilize for its dishes typical Tuscan products.

Il Merlo Restaurant chooses the local produce that utilize the proceedings of the typical processing technique, typical from the Tuscan culture and tradition, always aimed at the best quality possible.

logo_Cinta-Senese.gifConsortium for the protection of Cinta Senese

The "Consortium for the protection of Cinta Senese" was born with the aim of defend, protect and promote Cinta Senese and and all the products that derives from it, and also to protect and defend the usage of the nomenclature of origin. The pigs live in a wild state, grazing freely in pastures and woodlands. More informations to: www.cintasenese.org.

Cinta seneseEst. 1925 Sergio Falaschi Butchery

The "belted" pig is an ancient dark brown autochthonous species, original from the mountainous zone of Siena. Falaschi's Butchery was one of the first to believe in the potential of this animals. This pigs, raised in the wild, give to their meats those characteristic flavours of acorns, hazelnuts and undergrowth and offer to the palate a saltyness and a taste really unique. Visit the website http://www.sergiofalaschi.com for more informations.

logo_Martelli.gifMartelli Family Pasta Makers

The company Martelli Family Pasta Makers makes artisan pasta since 1926, carrying from generation to generation the traditional italian processes. Martelli's pasta is of superb quality and it's known and exported in the whole world. For more information visit the website: www.famigliamartelli.it


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