VOLTERRA and its history

Volterra, jewel of Etruscan art, roman, medieval and from the renaissance, towers from an hill 550 meters tall all the Era and Cecina valleys, up to the sea. In Volterra history left its mark with continuity from the Etruscan period until the 1800's, with artistic and monumental proofs of enormous importance, that can be admired simply strolling on the roads of the historic centre, but also by visiting the three town museum: the Etruscan museum, the town picture gallery and the museum of sacred arts. Next to this a pure and pristine landscape, a quality of life still to human scale and an artistic handicraft unique to the world: Alabaster. A city to live intensely, to discover little by little, with its atmospheres, its contrasts, the pulsate of a civilization and of a culture that makes it unique and unrepeatable
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